Monday, August 20, 2012

I AM A BOY!!!!!

Da wei wedding !!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Today's friend of mine birthday.CINDY!She's my cousin close frien sister, and she's also my classmates, high school mates. According to my mate con, cindy is a super duper smartass. Too smart to be honest. Hope u having a blast yesterday night without me :(
Today the weather is pretty crap. The cloud is low so i didn't fly today but i did jump in to the sim FRASCA to train my intercept at night. is it pretty cool.
So let call up for today.
oh yea, carol.
hug=cuddle=embrace=fondle=nestle together=snug
don be dirty-minded!!
hav a great day peaps!

Monday, June 18, 2007

vinny & vidur

Con. Cindy, Con said how's goin!


Well, not suppose to go out last nigh but yea, i went. HAHAH,i'm too exhausted.
alright. Last night con, eames, vidur, daniel, santiago, chris and me, we trash in ashraf place. i guess he gonna get crazy when he's back from singapore. Con rip off the whole apartment, smash the wall, vomit in the bath and shitt. HAHAHA!

but yea, is it a great night after so long we didn't catch up!
hav a good one peaps!
Carol the hottestt... HAHAH! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

hey peaps! This'll be the latest vin. HAHAHA. i think i grew thinner. which is a good start for me. i don wanna be fat. ( Aicraft Z242 , call sign ZLI , Conductin Aerobatics, Pilot in command Vincent Yii, Co-pilot Tim Golden ) . I think tat's all for me today, it take ages to upload pics !!

Have a good one!!

Derrick & yaya

Carol & vinny

Derrick $ vinny

Carol & yaya
The ling's, derrick & vinny

THE POEM's....

Yaya the beauty....
Ivy the gorgeous...
Carol the hottest....
Cindy the smallest...
derrick the sun...
Vinny the man......

amandy, cherry, bruce & vinny

Smithy, Chris & vinny

The Loft with my mates

Well, this blog use to be dead from feb-Jun.
HAHAHA, because the owner of the blog is being lazy to update and shit!
What i'm doin in this 5 months times? i've been studyin well into. HAHAHAH! It's no a joke.
i'm telling the truth. Anyway, today is sunday, my mates buzz me and asked me to get piss tonight but i'm exhausted. Can't do nothin! i'll post some pics! vinny's back to the games!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Shot down in flames

last week i ventured out for an evening on the piss with my mate and couples of his new mates. My mate found that his new colleageus pretty tedious, but had fallen head over heals for the blonde office stunner, and he'd planned to make his move that very night. i dutifully played a role of wingman to perfection, bigging my buddyup with endless quips and recounting tales in which he was the hero. yep, i was the bees knee- until about 1am, that is, when i heroically ambled to the bar and order a round of flaming. the fiery hits pf booze were a sensation and to cheers from out party, i bought them a second round and third round and i get myself a vodka redbulls. i knocked it back likei had all others, but i totally horror, my stomach rejected the potent, flaming juice. Before i knoew it, i'd puked the fiery mess all over my budd's shag-to-be.haha. sending the poor girl up in the flames! and i was ejected from the cluB!

Monday, November 27, 2006

SEXPO 2006 in Melbourne!!

hot chicks

audience striping on the stage!